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Osaamispuu® in English

What is Osaamispuu®?

Osaamispuu® is an online platform where versatile educational materials have been assembled in to strengthen the shared competence of current and future professionals and work communities working with children and families. The materials are assembled by subject area into competence modules, from which you can choose a combination for your needs. Most of the content is available for free. The range of educational materials is constantly growing – at present there are nine competence modules (=subject areas) in Osaamispuu: the well-being of children and youth, families and supporting the parenting, multi-professional cooperative competence, the special support needs of children and families, multi-professional child welfare, systemic working method, management in child and family services, law in child and family services and quality and efficiency.

Sote Academy at the University of Turku and the Centre for Continuous Learning at the University of Eastern Finland are responsible for Osaamispuu’s coordination and development. Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences are also involved in the development work. Potential new partners and providers of content are encouraged to join in.

How to study in Osaamispuu

The modules comprise four different sections. In first module sections, Innostu ja opi aiheesta (“Get inspired and learn”), there are independent study materials for everyone to acquaint oneself with and to reflect on, either alone, in a group or in a work community. The sections called Kehitä osaamista avoimesti verkossa (“Improve competence online”) include open study materials and online studies (MOOCs) in the module’s subject area. In the sections called Suorita avoimen korkeakoulun opintoja (“Take courses from the open university”), related courses from open universities can be found. The fourth sections, Jatka opiskelua (“Keep studying”), are for those who want to continue studying the subject, for example in a degree programme or specialized studies.

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